Basic information for student applicant


information about the parent(s) or guardians of the student applicant

Emergency Contact

Other than parent

Previous School

Not Applicable if a beginner

Health Status

Health status of the student applicant

  • Student Applicant
  • Parent/Guardian(s)
  • Emergency Contact
  • Previous School Details
  • Health Status

Applicant Details

First Name

Middle Name


Date of birth xx/xx/xxxx

Place of Birth



Language(s) Fluent

Applying for

Residential Address of Applicant

Does the applicant have sibling(s) in ICS?

If YES State Name(s) and Class(s)

Does the Applicant, to your knowledge, have any form of learning difficulty?

If YES please state difficulty.


Guardian 1: Title, Name and Surname

Guardian 1: Relationship to Applicant

Guardian 1: Home Address

Guardian 1: Postal Address

Guardian 1: Telephone - Home

Guardian 1: Telephone - Mobile

Guardian 1: Telephone - Work

Guardian 1: SMS Contact Number

Guardian 1: Email Address

Guardian 1: Marital Status

Guardian 1: Religion

Guardian 1: Nationality

Guardian 1: Occupation

Guardian 1: Employer

Guardian 1: Position

Guardian 2: Title, Name and Surname

Guardian 2: Relationship to Applicant

Guardian 2: Home Address

Guardian 2: Postal Address

Guardian 2: Telephone - Home

Guardian 2: Telephone - Mobile

Guardian 2: Telephone - Work

Guardian 2: SMS Contact Number

Guardian 2: Email Address

Guardian 2: Marital Status

Guardian 2: Religion

Guardian 2: Nationality

Guardian 2: Occupation

Guardian 2: Employer

Guardian 2: Position

Contact Person

Title, Name and Surname

Telephone number

Relationship to Applicant

Previous School

Name of previous or transfering school(s)

Dates Attended

Postal Address(s)

Contact number

Has the applicant ever been retained in a class?

If YES, which Grade or Class?


Health Status

Does the applicant have any physical disability?

f YES please state disability


Dietary Restrictions

Swimming (able to swim?)

Permission to swim under supervision?

Other significant illnesses, accidents, operation, limitations and medications

How did you get to know about ICS-K?