Board of Directors

  • board-Asimeng

    Steve Asimeng


    Banking and private equity specialist with over 24 years experience in the sector. Currently, Chief Operating Officer of Merchant Bank, Ghana. Formerly, Managing Director of Fidelity Capital Partners.
    Nationality: Ghanaian.

  • board-osei

    Okyei Gyeabour


    Banking and micro-finance specialist with over 30 years of experience. Formerly, Managing Director of First Allied Savings & Loans, Women World Bank.
    Nationality: Ghanaian.

  • board-brad

    Brad Routh


    CPA and Financial broker. Currently, Chief Financial Officer of Market Place One, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Formerly, Chief Finance Officer of Edison Electric, Phoenix, Arizona.
    Nationality: American.

  • Charles Yeboah - Director1

    Charles Yeboah


    PhD in Theology. Co-founder and Managing Director of International Community School, Ghana. Formerly, Head Pastor of New Tafo Baptist Church; Lecturer at Ghana Baptist Seminary; and Adjunct Lecturer, Spurgeon’s College, London, UK.
    Nationality: Ghanaian.

  • Matilda Yeboah (Mrs.) - Director2

    Matilda Yeboah (Mrs.)


    Educationist and Co-founder of International Community School, Ghana. Currently, Deputy Director, Academics.
    Nationality: Ghanaian.

  • board-ofei

    Mr. Israel Titi-Ofei


    Principal at SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College and Education Management Consultant.