Our Accommodations

Boarding at ICS means that you live with other pupils and teachers. There are several boarding houses at ICS ranging from primary to Middle School to High School boarding. Each student from Primary to High School is assigned to a HOUSE TEAM under Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Rosa Parks or Yaa Asantewaa. Students in the boarding house are responsible for support of their team with their talents, knowledge, skill, morale and creativity to make their team a winning one. Girls and boys stay in separate accommodations.

In each boarding house, there is one house parent who lives on the premises. Their job is to look after and care for the student’s needs. Some are teachers, and other workers, are full-time caretakers.

Young boarders share a bedroom or dormitory with up to four children. Each pupil has his/her own area which can be personalised with photos, a lockable cupboard, and wardrobe for possessions. Sharing in this way is great fun! The child might be tempted to stay up all night playing games and talking with their roommates, but so they don’t forget about their classes the next day, lights-out is at 8:30pm.

Older boarders share a bedroom or dormitory with up to ten pupils. Each pupil has their own area which can be personalized with photos, a lockable cupboard, and wardrobe for possessions. Lights-out is at 9:30pm

The boarding house has comfortable communal areas where the child can relax, socialise and watch television with their fellow pupils.

Our Foods

Healthy and nutritious food is very important – for happiness and well-being. The ICS canteen puts a lot of effort into making meals healthy and tasty.

For breakfast, there is a choice of a hot breakfast, sandwich, pie, cereal, porridge, and beverages. For lunch and dinner, there is a very wide choice of excellent food ranging from continental to Ghanaian local dishes including fruit for desert.

We cater for any food allergies. Contact us for more information on what we offer. If you visit ICS, see our food and drinks section and ask the pupils what they think of the food.