Clubs & Activities

There are more than 30 clubs, student publications, community service organizations, and music and performance ensembles at ICS.

Run by students of all class years, a sample of clubs and organizations include:


Student Publications

Music Ensembles

Community Service Programs

Round Square

Student Government

Book Club

Each year, members of the club select a list of books to read and discuss. The club meets on average three times a month, and all are welcome.

Chess Club

We’re a group chess enthusiasts learning, playing, and strategizing. We work to improve our tactics. Games and tournaments happen throughout the year. Join us.

Christian Fellowship

This club is dedicated to nurturing the faith of Christian believers on campus as well as teaching other students who want to learn more about the Christian faith. The club ’s meetings are open to everyone.

Computer Club

A club for students who have an affinity for computers and want to do something fun related to technology.

Dinner Club

The purpose of the Dinner Club is to gather in the spirit of good cooking, share recipes, and learn about meals. The club eats well, too!

French Club

The French Club involves students in casual French conversation through French tables in the dining hall and screenings of French films. The club also occasionally sponsors trips and special events that celebrate the French culture.

Gospel Choir (SWITCH)

Founded in March 2012, the gospel choir consists of students. Under the musical direction of Mr. Nathaniel Mold, the group practices once a week and performs at chapel and in school events. Auditions are held throughout the year. SWITCH Choir Comprised of approximately 45 singers, the Chorus rehearses twice a week. SWITCH typically presents a Festival of Lessons & Carols in early December and a concert named “THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT” in March.

SWITCH is open to any interested student.

The meaning of SWITCH is , Singing With Intensity Till Christ Hears.

ICS Television (ICSTV)

Members of ICSTV videotape campus events of widespread interest and edit them into news shows about the campus for the School. Students also serve as announcers and commentators in the film clips.

Investment Club

The Investment Club aims to introduce young investors to the beginning principles of watching the stock market and maintaining online accounts. Each member of the group is responsible for research of particular companies and funds.

Math Club

The ICS Math Club promotes math awareness and appreciation within the School and in the local community. The Math Club welcomes everyone of any level of mathematical ability who is interested in problem solving, puzzles, and games. The Math Club organizes the Puzzle of the Week, T-shirt sales, peer-to-peer mentoring, SAT,IGCSE and Aleve tutoring sessions, and middle school enrichment.

Science Club

This is a group of students who love to play with science. Members typically take on a major project and work on it once a week. Previous projects have included building an electric car, a hovercraft, and an underwater remotely operated vehicle. All are welcome and there is no mandatory time commitment.

Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)

The SEA is responsible for increasing the School’s awareness of issues relating to the environment. Toward this end, the group invites speakers to campus, sponsors an “Eco-Day” during which the community participates in a campus and community clean-up, runs the campus recycling program, and involves interested students in education programs at the various local elementary schools.

Music Lessons as an Extracurricular Activity

In addition to music instruction for which students may receive academic credit, students may also sign up for private lessons as an extracurricular activity. This usually involves one lesson per week and involves a fee beyond regular tuition. A music contract is mailed to parents before each semester begins and must be returned to the School before the lessons begin. Once a student has begun his or her lessons, there is no rebate should the student decide to discontinue the lessons. Music lesson fees are posted on the student’s term bill. If students elect to receive credit for lessons, the tuition charge for the lessons is waived.

ICS FootPrint (News Letter and Magazine)

This seasonal student-run publication aims to provide an extra level of depth to ICS events reporting. We focus on interest pieces pertaining to ICS sports, events and alumni. The school yearbook is put together by these group of students. Students may choose from a variety of responsibilities including writing, photography, editing, layout, and advertising. Published once a year, the Footprint magazine has sports and school spirit as its primary focus.The Footprint (Student Newspaper)
The eight-page student newspaper is produced every two weeks, covering ICS news, arts, sports, opinions, and environmental and international initiatives through writing and photography. The Footprint circulates on campus and is sent to ICS alumni, parents, and grandparents who subscribe. Reporting opportunities include features, campus news, sports, editorials, and the arts.The Whipping Post (Alternative Student Newspaper)
This alternative student newspaper is published approximately twice each year. The publication that includes satire as well as serious essays about life at ICS and current events.

Rain on the Needy

This group is made up of the Lower six class; they organize various events to raise funds for charity works.


Baraza is a Swahili word meaning meeting place or council. As part of the round square activities students meet once a week to deliberate on projects that will instil the IDEALS in all students.

Student Government

Student-Faculty Council (Stu-Fac)

The Student-Faculty Council is composed of the presidents of the School, the presidents of the senior, upper mid, lower mid, and prep classes (there are two presidents for each class, and they serve one-year terms), one elected representative from each dorm, and five faculty members (at least three of whom are dormitory faculty) elected by the faculty for two-year terms. In addition, the Head of School, and the deans of the classes all serve ex officio. Chaired by the School presidents and the director of student activities, the council was established in recognition of the fact that in a boarding school community there are many important issues of concern to both students and faculty. The council is responsible for making recommendations to the full faculty not only on questions which relate specifically to the quality of student life, but also on those related to the general welfare of the School community. In addition, the council has direct responsibility for granting or denying charters to student organizations that represent the School.

Round Square

Round Square ( is a worldwide association that supports each other, both individually and collectively, to promote the principles of internationalism, democracy, environmental awareness, adventure, leadership, and service. Faculty and student representatives participate in an annual conference to share lessons learned and methods used, and to develop joint projects and future plans. ICS has sent delegations to international conferences in South Africa, USA and South Korea.
For more information, see International Programs.