We are now more certain than ever, based on well-evidenced research that teachers and school leaders have critical influence on student learning and achievement. The role of ongoing professional learning and development in preparing that new entrants or the experienced practitioner to be an independent, autonomous professional is crucial to children achievement and school performance as well as the transformation of education systems that support inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all (Education 2030 Framework for Action)

We are…

uniquely dedicated to leading and transforming professional learning for teachers and education leaders. As an accredited Cambridge Professional Development Centre, we have trained hundreds of educators across the country on a wide range of subject-specific, skill-based and practice-based professional learning programs and qualifications.

Work with us to:

Develop learning-focused leadership

Transform learning and teaching

Support whole child development

Acquire an internationally recognized professional certification for teachers and education leaders

In all our professional development delivery, we ensure easy transfer of learning by modeling the desired practices for outstanding teaching and effective leadership. This is because we believe and understand that what is needed in schools today is long lasting sustainable professional development solutions that:

Enable educators to be reflective practitioners;

Enable educators, as lifelong learners, to be powerful role models for pupils and their parents

Encourage the development of confident professional judgment and educators sense of ownership and control over their work;

Enable schools to sustain improvement, develop our autonomy and become an effective self-evaluating organization and

Extend the capacity for continuous improvement of both individuals and teams through the continued development of a supportive and collaborative learning community, which supports a culture of experimenting, observing and reflecting on practices among educators.

“Learning is an activity of construction, handled with (or in the context of) others, driven by learner’s agency.”

~Chris Watkins