ABOUT Professional Learning@ICS

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

 ~Nelson Mandela

Our Rationale

We strongly believe the most effective school staff (school leaders, teachers and support staff) are learners themselves and highly reflective practitioners. Student learning and professional learning are an inseparable part of the ICS experience. We are a school where everyone is a learner.

As a community of learners, staff involvement in professional learning that develops professional thinking, knowledge, and practice and enables children to learn more effectively is seen as a way of life. Our deliberately focus on ‘learning well’ rather than ‘performing well’ is our strategy for transforming learning and teaching. By this strategy we make learning the object of our attention, conversation and reflections thereby challenging all to develop their potential to the highest and succeed.

Our Approach

We ensure all our staff develops skills and competencies progressively by giving them equal access to high-quality induction and continuing professional learning and development. Professional learning activities, provision, and planning are inextricably linked and integrated with the school’s improvement plan and are based on a range of information including but not limited to performance management, feedback from staff, students and parents and the identification of school needs through self-evaluation.

We use a range of approaches, such as:

Collaboration (learning teams, collaborative enquiry and problem, peer observation, collaborative teaching, assessment and planning)

Observation (video of practice, classroom walkthroughs, instructional rounds, learning walks)

Professional associations (ASCD)

Distance/online learning (CIE, Teachers Media, Alison, Coursera, EdX)

Professional certifications (Cambridge PDQ)

International conferences and site-based professional development days


Boot camps and workshops to address staff professional needs which help to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

Staff development and professional learning activities are funded by the school. There is an annually identified budget for the sole use of professional learning and development activities in the school.

Learning without thinking is labour lost; thinking without learning is dangerous.
~ Chinese proverb.