S001 Structuring learning: This key unit provides teachers with a model for the process of designing lessons. It starts by considering factors affecting lesson design, including the influence of the type of learning objective on the choice of approach. It goes on to explore effective methods of sharing learning objectives with pupils. There is guidance on how to structure learning by splitting lessons into a series of episodes, and on choosing from a range of strategies and techniques to motivate pupils. Finally, there is an examination of three pedagogic approaches – direct interactive, inductive and exploratory – to show how they can help pupils develop tools for learning, such as inductive thinking or enquiry skills. Click here to register

S002 Teaching models: This unit develops further the principles and practice of teaching reviewed in unit 1. It explores a range of teaching models and encourages teachers to review their teaching practice against the models described. For each teaching model outlined, episodes are clearly defined showing how the model might be applied in classrooms. There are also some examples to illustrate ideas, and the importance of metacognition within each is made explicit. This will enable pupils to use the technique to support their own learning. Click here to register

S003 Lesson design for lower attainers: This unit explores a range of strategies and techniques that will help pupils who tend to learn more slowly. It demonstrates the importance of ‘assessment for learning’ – research has shown that lower-attaining pupils, in particular, make significant gains when these techniques are used. There are also guidelines on developing literacy and numeracy skills in the context of different subjects, and on strategies for aiding recall. Click here to register

S004 Lesson design for inclusion: This unit considers some principles for ensuring the inclusion of all pupils in lessons, and how to hold them all into the learning process. It provides a first insight into the needs of many groups that need to be included, such as boys, EAL, lower attainers, gifted and talented and SEN pupils. It considers various episodes in a lesson, such as starters and plenaries, and some early strategies that help to ensure all pupils are actively engaged and are able to make progress in their learning in all subjects. Click here to register

S005 Starters and plenaries: The beginnings and ends of learning sequences are important. This unit describes the purpose and importance of starters and plenaries at the beginnings and ends of lessons, and also within lessons as part of teaching episodes. It provides a range of strategies and ideas as well as guidance on planning and making starters and plenaries effective. Click here to register