S012 Assessment for learning: This unit explores what is meant by assessment for learning and its importance. It explains how good assessment practice can contribute to better learning and higher achievement. This unit focuses on the key characteristics of assessment for learning and examines a range of practical strategies for incorporating these principles into classroom routines. Click here to register

S013 Developing reading: This unit focuses on improving pupils’ ability to understand and to respond to written texts. It considers teaching subject-specific vocabulary; how teachers can support pupils by clarifying the approach they need; how pupils need to access their prior knowledge before they read; some of the ways pupils can be encouraged to engage with text and some aspects of notetaking. It shows how the teacher can use shared and guided reading to enable pupils to develop more independence and skill as readers. Click here to register

S014 Developing writing: This unit focuses on improving the quality of pupils’ writing through actively teaching the techniques they will need. Pupils write best when they know what, how and why they have to write. Writing is often best taught through teacher modelling and then sharing the writing with the class. The route is from examples, modelled and shared work, through guided writing to independence. Click here to register

S015 Using ICT to enhance learning: The use of ICT in classrooms enhances learning and teaching. This unit looks at the relationship between teachers’ use of ICT as a medium for teaching and the development of pupil capability. There are guidelines on the use of classroom support assistants and technicians, on classroom management and on organisation in the ICT-rich classroom. Click here to register

S016 Leading in learning: This unit provides an introduction to thinking skills by clarifying the nature of higher-order thinking and different approaches to ‘teaching’ thinking. It also provides practical guidance for improving the teaching of aspects of thinking skills lessons, such as improving the teaching of the plenary, helping pupils to see the relevance of thinking in everyday contexts and developing their use of ‘thinking words’. Click here to register

S017 Developing effective learners: Through the use of case studies, this unit explores what is meant by an effective learner, what learning skills might be expected of pupils at each key stage and how learning skills can be developed within subjects. Click here to register