S018 Improving the climate for learning: The physical environment can make a significant difference to learning, and this unit explores how even small changes to the classroom can help. It looks at arranging furniture to suit the teaching approach and creating displays that really contribute to learning. Teacher–pupil relationships are another important factor in classroom climate, and the unit also describes how pupil expectation and motivation can be improved through the use of appropriate classroom language. Click here to register

S019 Learning styles: This unit outlines some of the current thinking and research on learning styles. It provides advice on how to identify different learning styles but, more importantly, emphasises the need to provide a variety of activities to suit different styles, over time. There is guidance on how to plan and adapt activities to accommodate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. Click here to register

S020 Classroom management: The emphasis in this unit is on developing the concept of teaching behaviour that is conducive to learning. The fundamentals of good pedagogy and practice, which are explored in the other units, are the bedrock of successful teaching and learning. Consideration is given to the core values and beliefs which underpin the teacher’s relationships with the pupils. Just as importantly, pupils’ perceptions of effective teaching are examined. Pupils respond positively to clear structures and routines, and the teacher’s verbal and non-verbal language is pivotal in securing and maintaining relationships for learning. Click here to register