Using Lyrics Training for Language Learning

Learn how to use the Lyrics Training Web application for innovative and fun language learning. Lyrics Training is a Web application that allows you to read and listen to the lyrics from music videos and can be used as a fun and interactive way for language teachers and trainers to introduce new vocabulary and grammar to their students in a classroom setting. This free online language learning course will introduce you to the features and functionality of Lyrics Training, you will learn how to choose a song in the language you are learning and listen to the lyrics of the song word by word.

Using SpiderScribe for Visualizing Information

Learn more about using SpiderScribe to visualize information. Many people find it much easier to visualize concepts and information by capturing text notes, files and images etc. and organizing them into coherent patterns and meanings, and the Web has made the presentation of visual information more accessible as part of the learning environment which facilitates more lateral thinking in students.

Using Tricider for Online Classroom Collaboration

Learn more about using Tricider Web application for online classroom collaboration. Tricider is a free Web application that can be used for online classroom collaboration and brainstorming ideas. It allows teachers and students collaborate together to collect ideas, discuss these ideas to find solutions and vote on the argument they think is the best.

Using VoiceThread for Online Presentations

Learn more about using VoiceThread for online presentations. Online presentations are becoming more popular as a means of teaching and training both for the teacher delivering the material and for students who may be in different geographic locations. VoiceThread is an application for publishing online multimedia presentations and allows students and colleagues navigate through the slide show and leave comments using voice, text, audio file or video using a webcam.

Using Whiteboards (1): SMART Technologies

Improve your skills and knowledge of whiteboards to help your students learn effectively. The SMART Whiteboard range of hardware and software products are used worldwide to create engaging and interactive presentations in the classroom, the office and the boardroom. This free online course shows you in a step-by-step manner how to use SMART software, how to present material on a SMART Whiteboard, how to work with images, and how to record a presentation.

Web Applications for Language Teaching

Improve your English by using effective online applications to practise. As society becomes increasingly multi-cultural, never before have language skills and tools for simplifying learning concepts been so essential. Web Applications for Language Teaching is a free online course from ALISON that introduces learners to a handful of web based applications that will serve as invaluable aids for teaching foreign languages as well as other subjects in a fun and accessible manner.

Whiteboard Lessons, Tips and Techniques for SMART Technologies

Learn more tips and techniques about Whiteboard from SMART Technologies. The use of interactive whiteboards has become common place in many school classrooms and training rooms. Interactive whiteboards give teachers and trainers an enormous capability in terms of the type of teaching techniques they can engage in and the kind of materials they can present as part of their teaching programs.

Fundamentals of Collaborize Classroom for Teachers and Trainers

Learn how to use Collaborize Classroom to enhance student learning.

The increasing use of the Web in schools is allowing teachers and students go beyond the boundaries of the physical classroom and engage in online collaborative learning. Collaborize Classroom is one such online collaborative platform that focuses on collaborative elements such as structured online discussions between students, online brainstorming, peer feedback and online surveys.