How to pay Fees

Local Payments

1. Use Ecobank electronic collection platform by visiting any branch of the bank in Ghana with the student’s bill. Pick the School fee payment slip of the bank and fill it with the student’s Name, Code number and amount provided on the bill. No account number is needed. (NB: Cheques are not accepted by the bank with this mode of payment. Cash only) 

2. Cash or Cheque payments:

Account Name: International Community School Ltd.

Account Number: Ecobank: 0210134402420501.

Harper Road Branch. 

Ghana Commercial Bank: 6251130004859.

Harper Road Branch.

(NB: Use students name and code number on the student bill to fill the banks deposit slip)


Foreign Transfers: ( US Dollar account )

Bank Name: Ecobank Ghana Limited

Branch: Harper Road, Adum – Kumasi.

Account Name: International community School Ltd.FNG

Account Number: 0211034402420501

Swift Code: ECOCGHAC

Local Transfers

Bank Name: Ecobank Ghana Limited Harper Road, Adum-Kumasi

Account Name: International Community School Ltd.

US Dollar Account Number: 0212104402420501

Ghana Cedi Account: 0210134402420501

Students Name and Code Number

Please do not hesitate to contact the following phone numbers for further clarification.

233-244-050757, 233-246-272881, 233-244-021384.