13221053_1061081393966694_1715709782817115969_nThe ICS Middle School is for learners between the ages of 11-14 years. The Cambridge International Examinations Secondary 1 curriculum is followed at this stage with emphasis on English, mathematics, and science.

In addition, subjects such as Music, Art, French and Social Studies (comprising History and Citizenship for Year 7, Citizenship and Geography for Year 8 and Economics and Geography for Year 9) are also taught using the British National Curriculum. ICT, which is an integral part of the curriculum is also delivered using the ICT starters’ package from CIE.

Students at this level are required to develop skills, acquire knowledge and insights needed for the IGCSE programme at Key Stage 4. The use of Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum and the Checkpoint Assessment Package provides a seamless progression from Middle School education (Key Stage 3) into High School (Key Stage 4 and beyond).

In ICS, we pride ourselves in helping students find and acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes for themselves through student-centered approaches to teaching and learning. Hence, the active-learning approach is highly utilized. Teachers are therefore facilitators of learning who fully understand that every child is unique and can be helped to succeed using child-friendly strategies.

We believe in ‘training tomorrow’s leaders today’ we embrace a holistic education hence termly academic/non-academic activities such as club activities, fun games, club exhibitions, and project fairs are consistent features of the education we offer here.

Join us today to work together to create and foster an educational center of excellence. We hope to see you soon.