ICS Pre-School welcomes children from age 2 up to 4, starting from Nursery 1 and ending at Reception (KG1). Our qualified staff offer a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children to learn and develop. We encourage active learning through play, enabling our children to grow in confidence and succeed in future learning situations.

The Pre-School curriculum is relevant to the children’s needs and prepares them for future school years. The children are taken through literacy, numeracy and IPC lessons. Our activity based lessons give the children the opportunity to actively participate in class. The teachers observe and respond appropriately to children’s needs as a result of being aware of how children develop and learn.

Our curriculum enables children to progress towards the Six Areas of Learning:

The six areas of learning help our teachers plan the learning environment and activities to provide the children with the opportunity to develop competencies and skills.

During the IPC lessons, the children are taken through various themes which help them to understand the need to become aware of the world around them and develop an international mind-set alongside their own nationality. Themes such as All about Me, Family and Friends, Feelings, Shapes, Colours, Hats, Animals, Transportation, Thanksgiving, Clothing, Houses and Homes, Food, Weather, Community Helpers, Health and Safety, Insects, Pets, Dinosaurs, Sand and Water, etc. are treated.

The students embark on field trips to acquire more insights into a particular theme being addressed in class. Children visit places like the airport, lake, zoo, farm, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants etc.

ICS Pre-School provides the solid foundation needed for the Cambridge Primary programme.