Mr. Yeboah Konadu - Head of Primary & Middle Schools

Mr. Yeboah Konadu
– Head of Primary & Middle School

I would like to begin by wishing all students and parents considering enrolling at the International Community School, Kumasi a very warm welcome. I am confident that you will find ICS, Kumasi to be a bright, friendly campus, and that your time spent here will be both rewarding and enjoyable.

ICS is a school with a reputation for academic excellence, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our students are creative, confident, engaged and reflective in all that they do and can compete in any spheres of life and in any part of the world. We are able to employ individual student tracking as a standard part of our programme to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to succeed in their studies and progress toward achieving their dreams, whatever they may be. Both class and subject teachers take the time to speak personally to students at regular intervals to explain their current level and to set achievable targets to motivate students to progress on to the next level with confidence.

Students attending our school are expected to apply themselves to a rigorous programme of study intended to challenge them to achieve their full potential and to strive for excellence. The programme our students follow from Preschool to Year 13 (Upper 6) is the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum, which enables our students to develop academically, as well as socially and emotionally through the rich extracurricular programme available. As a regional Member of Roundsquare schools-a group of schools around the world promoting the IDEALS of Internationalism,Democracy,Environmentalism,Adventure, Leadership and Service through enrichment activities and conferences, At ICS we pride ourselves in developing a well-rounded individual who definitely will be a leader among his/her peers. We also have excellent support systems in place to identify and help students where needed.

Paramount to the success of our students is the close relationship formed between the students and staff as well as parents. We view education as a partnership in which the teachers and parents work together, through regular communication, to ensure that students are working to their full potential. At the start of each term, teachers send letters to parents to share with them what they will be focusing on in the term, and also, to establish a communication link so parents get to know their wards teachers even before Student Led Conference (SLC). There are also parent-teacher association meetings organised each term to further help parents and teachers to get to know each other and together address issues of mutual concern. Then, as the year progresses, we use our ed-admin administration software to generate reports and communicate students’ performance to parents. Parents are provided with a login name and password at the start of each year to enable them to track student progress and monitor classroom planning and work given out via our online School data base system.

The calendar year at ICS is a full one with a colourful range of activities spread throughout the year, including a number of school Activities such as Christmas concert, International Day, interschool sports events and sport days, interschool academic links and competitions, special days celebrated with the parents, and a plethora of day trips and residential trips that take place throughout the year. To find out more about what goes on at ICS I would encourage you to visit the relevant links and to view the Events Calendar.

Finally, should you require help in any regard to the education of your children, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at your earliest convenience. For any parent wishing to speak with me directly, I would be very happy to make an appointment to speak with you at the earliest available mutually convenient time.

I look forward to meeting all parents in the year ahead